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Hanabi was beyond annoyed. This Naruto-person was the only hope for her sister. If she couldn’t find him then Hinata would be doomed to marry Kabuto. The only problem was- Hanabi clenched her fists in frustration- Naruto was a commoner. And Hanabi had not been best pleased when she had found out either.

How was she supposed to convince her father that this bumbling idiot was a better match for her sister?! He had no status, no money and no influence. His connection to the Sarutobi heir meant nothing now she was seeing Konohamaru. They would gain nothing more. She didn’t know what to do next- a rare feeling for the sharp-minded Hyuuga.

All she could do is go back over the events of the day and try and make some sense out of them. Maybe then she could find a solution.

She had gone to visit Konahamaru with the hope that he would be able to locate the bumbling blonde-haired idiot. They had arrived at the Akimichi ball together, after all.

Admittedly it was a bit of a surprise visit. Hanabi had only once visited the Sarutobi residence since the beginning of her courtship with Konahamaru. The plan had been to meet the important- and some less important- relatives. Approval of the family meant everything in such relationships, especially in higher society. These relatives had the power to make the life of Hanabi and her family hell, in terms of business and also social standing. The first visit had gone well. If only the second had been the same.

Upon her arrival to the estate, the young Hyuuga was met with the muffled sound of an argument further in the grounds. The guards let her in without hesitation and lowered their heads in acknowledgement of her higher social status. Hanabi grinned inwardly at the prospect of seeing the Sarutobi heir again. It was enough to make her forget her reason for visiting in the first place.

Looking up at the building before her, a stately manor built during the reign of King William IV, Hanabi’s smile started to show on the outside as a certain brown-haired male appeared darting from window to window, waving at her excitedly. She really had missed him… Not that she would ever admit that to anyone.


Konohamaru almost barrelled through the door, tripping at the bottom of the stairs in their grand hallway. A tut from the maid Sakura’s direction reminded him that such enthusiasm just wasn’t proper and was enough to make him regain his composure, forcing down the smile that tinged at the edge of his lips.

He strolled through the open doors into the spacious courtyard, admiring Hanabi without making it too obvious. She had dressed perfectly for the summer, with the shortened sleeves on her lilac dress, which matched her eyes wonderfully, the detail would have been satisfactory in even a formal gown, with birds and flowers made of lace making themselves comfortable in the layers of her skirt.

“Shall we?” the Sarutobi heir proffered his arm, making the movement as overdramatic as he dared, trying to poke fun at the more uptight Hyuuga. He watched as she rolled her eyes at his antics, taking his arm slightly too roughly for one who claimed to be a lady.

“For someone who claims my opinion holds no value to them you have certainly tried hard to look nice today.” Konohamaru commented as they started off towards the tulip garden- a beautiful section of their estate that was a gift designed by the Yamanaka family. He was so tired of talking to all the upper-class busybodies who were only there for his money. He wanted to talk to someone who didn’t treat him like the heir to a big company. He wanted to pretend that he had some freedom and control over his life. And his solution to all this was the young Hyuuga beside him.

He felt a prod to his arm as he realised that her retort had gone over his head completely. It was a shame, really. Her wit was always enlightening and he enjoyed the challenge of sparring with her, so to speak.

“Are you always this oblivious?” Hanabi let herself smile, knowing he would not mock her for it.

“I am smarter than you give me credit for, Miss Hyuuga.” Konohamaru chuckled, tugging her closer to him affectionately. “Here we are.”

The two looked at each other for a second before bounding towards the garden, competitive as ever. Hanabi kept a good speed despite being laden down with petticoats. Konohamaru was leading around the topiary until…


Naruto had only been doing his job. Shino had told him to clip the wilting flowers of the topiary surrounding the tulip garden. How we he to know that the young master would come charging round the corner.

Naruto pulled the young heir up and dusted them both off, soon wondering as to where his clippers had disappeared to. Shino was going to be furious if he had lost yet another piece of equipment.

“Y-you…” Hanabi whispered.

Naruto turned to see Konohamaru’s companion with her mouth slightly gaped and a- dare he say- alarmed look in her eyes. It took him a moment to put together, but he could never forget those eyes. They lacked the gentle warmth that pooled beneath Hinata’s lilac orbs but they were unmistakably those that defined a member of the Hyuuga clan…


He was in so much trouble.

I never got a chance to explain to Hinata…Now she’ll find out from someone else and I’ll have lost my chance.

The young Sarutobi and Uzumaki stood in shock, knowing that this wouldn’t go without consequence, and a painful one at that.

“Please.” Naruto started, subdued. “Come with us and I will explain everything. I-“

“Do you realise what you have done?” Hanabi bit, looking him in the eye with the look of anger and frustration one would have thought beyond the Hyuuga. Few knew that her emotions existed at all, let alone that they could be conveyed so strongly. “If you wish to come out of this meeting unharmed then you better help me. Otherwise my sister will be out of your reach permanently.”

And so, in the security of one of the unused drawing rooms the brothers by bond explained the events leading up to and including the ball (with wild hand gestures on Naruto’s part), hoping to convince the stubborn Hyuuga that Naruto really did care for Hinata, despite his situation.

Finally Hanabi nodded, knowing there was nothing she could do about this unfortunate turn of events except to try and use what she had to her advantage.

They planned and schemed until a notice arrived that one Hyuuga, Neji was demanding to be let through the gate after his companion- an angry brunette wielding knives- had started knocking out the guards.

They just had to hope the plan would work. They needed Kabuto to walk right into their hands.
For Tomorrow- Chapter Thirteen
Hello :D 

In celebration of DA's birthday, here is a new chapter ^w^ 

I have finally figured out my plot again and have been scribbling ideas all over the place! Hopefully the next update should be quicker but I can't promise anything, I'm afraid...

Criticism is appreciated and please point out any spelling errors (Keeping in mind that I write in British English :D) so that I can correct them :3

Aufwiedersehen~ Hazzie-chan :P
It felt like a prison.

This house was supposed to be a home. She had even thought that they might start acting like a family again. It was hard not to interact with others in such a small place. But her father remained as cold as ever. Not that she should have expected any different. This leopard had no intention of changing his spots.  

Hinata stared at the ceiling, the slight downward tilt of her mouth the only hint as to the cascading waterfall of words gushing through her mind. Their nature was not pleasant. Under the circumstances, why would they be?

Kabuto made her skin crawl. He would not leave her alone and Hinata’s pleas to her father were ignored. The doctor was here to stay, whether she liked it or not. She felt cornered by him without knowing why. He had shown no interest in getting to know her sister or Tenten. Much of his time had been spent trying to butter up her father and convince her to spend time with him. Something she would never agree to. How could she? After… After…


The blunette’s fists clenched at her sides but she refused to even blink. She was afraid- Afraid that if she even moved that the tears would start and not stop. They would be tears of frustration and helplessness. How she hated the feeling of helplessness. No-one likes being caged, literally or metaphorically. But her situation was controlled by her father, who was emotionless and even downright cruel when needed. It had never bothered her before- Not to this extent anyway.  

“It is for the good of the business and the Hyuuga family”

I hate it when he says that. He acts like it justifies everything and it doesn’t! It is no more than a tool for him to use to his advantage.

The last time the head Hyuuga had used the phrase… well… Hinata shuddered and took a deep breath to calm herself.


Iruka answered the door almost immediately with the ease and calmness expected of someone of his position as head butler, allowing the sunlight to pour in.  The warmth of the sunshine struggled to fight the coldness radiating off of the visitor. This man cast his shadow through the entrance, almost blocking the small townhouse door completely. Not that he was particularly tall, rather that the doorway was claustrophobically small, as was common in the cramped conditions of the city.

Looking back on it, the scene was very apt, considering what Kabuto’s presence meant now. She felt trapped, like a rabbit cornered by a fox: Nowhere to run or hide and his intentions as clear as day. She was afraid.

At the time she could only take comfort in the fact that some rays of sun still made their way through the door. Like most symbols of hope it was fabulously persistent. But that wouldn't help her now.

She remembered how he almost slithered in through the door, introducing himself first to her father (As was only proper) and then to her, his cold lips found her hand as he held it, making her shiver in disgust. His eyes not holding back a glint that made her feel uneasy immediately. Hanabi was greeted politely enough but Neji, who had been visiting for the past few days under the plea of his fiancé, was brushed off with nothing more than a nod and a murmur of his name.

Tenten frowned, as she was technically a servant she had not expected him to acknowledge her but for him to treat Neji as beneath his cousins was very strange indeed. He may not be part of the main family but he was still an important member of the extended family. Even from the shadows of the stairway she could tell that Neji and the young Yakushi were wary of each other. She wondered how easily the new visitor could protect himself. He was rather thin but not enough to make him seem fragile. He was probably quick both physically and mentally but Tenten had no doubt that Neji would win if it ever came down to it. Even the Hyuuga family had enemies. It was only natural of a family of such high standing. They had power and someone, somewhere, would always think that they didn’t deserve it.
Tenten glided down the stairs and stopped next to her fiancé, facing Kabuto.

“I think our new guest needs a tour, don’t you?” Tenten grinned. It looked rather convincing, all in all. But she had her weapons, should she need them.

The day went relatively well. The two Hyuuga heiresses showed the young doctor around the house and the need to know spots for any landed gentry staying in London. Of course this was all done under the watchful eye of Tenten, who made it impossible for Kabuto to split from the group, with or without Hinata’s company.  

If the doctor felt any frustration at this he did not let it show and tried his best to keep up the façade of cheerfulness and curiousity, even as they ended their tour at the unfinished structure of Tower Bridge.

“It is going to be absolutely magnificent” Hinata breathed, almost forgetting she was in the company of others.

Hanabi smiled, not bothering to conceal it. She was glad her sister was still capable of such childlike wonder. Something she had forgotten for a time. Since Konohamaru had walked into her life and stubbornly refused to move out again, he had coerced open the gate that separated her more childish feelings from those that she felt she was allowed to have. Her older sister was well aware of the change, even though the so-called gate would close again in the presence of their father and the members of society that she needed to impress. She had not forgotten her role after all. She was an aide to the first born of the family. Providing links to help the business prosper was the least she could do for her sister after all that had happened. It was expected of her.


Hinata opened her eyes, blinking away any hint of tears that had appeared during her time reminiscing about the arrival of the dark presence downstairs. She could hear her sister making her way up the stairs to their room. The younger Hyuuga had been missing all day, not that their father batted an eye. Tenten and Neji had gone to find her a little while ago, leaving Hinata alone in the house with the young doctor and the servants, and by the sound of bickering downstairs, they had returned.

The blunette had immediately headed to her room. There was no way Kabuto would follow her up there. It was considered improper of any gentleman to enter the bedroom of a woman to which he was not married, especially when that woman had a title such as hers.  He would be forced to stay down in the servants’ quarters in the cellar, where he used to torture animals and try to justify it in the name of science. She had let the animals loose on more than one occasion and after many complaints from members of staff, Hiashi had ‘suggested’ that Kabuto no longer did such things under his roof. Hinata smiled slightly at the more positive outcome of that situation. She was not completely trapped by him, not yet.

Hanabi entered the room with an air of sophistication, despite her inner feelings. Of course this was demolished immediately as she started to dig through their cupboards, desperately trying to find something.

The older of the two Hyuuga sisters sighed.

Such a mess. It would be just awful to make the maid clear up all this. She has enough work already. I better start cleaning. Goodness knows that Hanabi won’t do it.

And with that Hinata began to put back what her sister pulled out of the few storage options they had, humming away and glad of the distraction from her thoughts. There was no stopping the younger Hyuuga when she started acting like this. Years of experience had taught Hinata that if her sister needed to tell her, then she would and if she didn’t need to tell her, well, that just meant it wasn’t worth her worrying about.

Hanabi pulled at the hem of her dress in annoyance, obviously unsuccessful in her treasure hunt.  The now irked Hyuuga collapsed on her bed, closing her eyes and breathing slowly, much like her sister not long before.

Hinata tried not to let the calm and neutral expression slip from her face. It was times like this that she wished she could tell what the younger Hyuuga was thinking. The bluenette loved her sister dearly and to see her acting as if she was defeated didn’t sit well with Hinata. But if Hanabi didn’t want to tell her then it wasn’t her place to interfere… wasn’t it?

The older of the two sisters returned to her bed, it was already late and they were to visit the opening of a small nature reserve the next day. It was to be a long journey out of London and the Nara’s would not be forgiving of lateness. But then again, they always have a solution to such situations. The Nara family are known for their love of the country’s deer and problem-solving ability.

It’s time to rest. Hinata decided. And, like every night, she would hope that she would see Naruto again. Not that she had in the few weeks since the Akimichi’s ball. Maybe this time hope alone would be enough to save her.
For Tomorrow- Chapter Twelve
Guess who's back!! :D 

And where exactly did Hanabi disappear to? Dun dun duuuuun! And say hello to creeper Kabuto! *shudders* o_O

Needless to say I am excited to be back :P 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and to Teeny-chan for Beta-ing!

I hope you guys enjoy it and any spelling mistakes please do point out! 

Aufwiedersehen!- Hazzie-chan ^w^

Edit- Oh yeah! I forgot to say that italics mean they are thinking and the middle section is a flashback in a bit of a weird tense because my brain is... well, my brain... ^^' 
I am not dead! :P Admittedly I did forget about Deviantart for a while. But visiting it again has reminded me how much I enjoy writing. I do want to continue writing and not just fanfics either! I will definitely start up 'For Tomorrow' again and hopefully fix the new found mistakes in the uploaded chapters (I am not a perfectionist, I swear ^^'). 

The only thing stopping me starting right now is that my first A2 exam is tomorrow and they don't finish until the end of June. But I will rally my favourite Beta as soon as I am able and find my notes for the plot. I may even ask some new friends to draw a cover picture for me ( I can doodle happily but don't ask me to use a computer xD Those drawing tablets don't agree with me! I tried!) :L

But I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me and it is lovely to receive so much encouragement. It is probably the first time that I have been properly proud of my work :D 

Aufwiedersehen!~ Hazzie-chan :flaguk:
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